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The word “Cossi” originated from Italian, meaning “to cook”.  We took the meaning of “Culinary Arts”, which emphasizes the pursuit of a relaxing and ideal lifestyle, and made it part of our vision for “Cossi”.  We want to share with you our celebrations in life with gentle music and scrumptious food.

We appreciate the beauty of life : “Cossi” is a place to build friendships.  We want to share our view of life by shortening the social distance between customers and “Cossi”. Our food and drink offers creativity and imagination.  It’s our belief, if delicious food can be properly paired up with fine wine, spiritual happiness can be achieved.

We hope you enjoy the best of what “Cossi” offers and dwell in our hospitality, great food, and great wine.

“Cossi”源自意大利文“to cook”的意思,我們取其 “Culinary Arts” 之意,寓意追求愜意、夢想的生活態度,讓大家在柔揚的樂韻、醉人的美食中,感受生活的情趣。